We bring a level of objectivity that’s invaluable—and we back up instincts with analysis.

Strategic insight, attention to detail, and design innovation consistently position our clients to thrive.



Consumers know what they want when they see it. It’s the manifestation of all things brand: the look and feel of a restaurant, the appeal of a well-crafted menu, and the experience of seeking satisfaction–and getting it. At The Moseley Group, we understand the importance of those drivers. More importantly, we know that they’re only successful when they engage and captivate customers, and deliver on the expectations they create.

Once curated and defined, we develop powerful plans to communicate client brands to the consumers already dedicated to your brand—and to those most likely to embrace its appeal.

  • Business Diagnostics
  • Brand Strategy
  • Market & Consumer Insights
  • Opportunity Analysis & Sizing (including M&A)


Your menu is your customer manifesto. When properly crafted—and supported with outstanding products and service—it proves your ability to know and serve the appetites of those you’ve promised to satisfy.

From nuanced recipe perfection to SKU rationalization to increased profits, our team understands the importance of the right menu—and how to achieve it.

  • Menu Analysis
  • Menu Optimization
  • Culinary Research & Development
  • Supply Chain Analysis


With expertise that spans graphic, architectural, industrial, equipment and operational design, we arrive at aesthetic beauty structured on functional excellence. We design spaces that inspire—and work.

Customer experience is cumulative, and environment is the first, most powerful impression that you make. How you look and feel contributes to the expectations you promise to meet. When you deliver, they return, and you grow. 

  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Graphics & Communications
  • Identity
  • Packaging
  • Industrial Design


Inefficiency is the bane of consistency—and consistent excellence is the lifeblood of repeat patronage. It’s also where details matter most, and margins have the greatest potential to grow. We thrive on those details, and on making sure they fit seamlessly together.

We also take care to define workstations and adjacencies to minimize complexity, time, labor—constantly working to improve food production, consistency and quality.

  • Kitchen Layout & Equipment
  • Labor & Efficiency
  • Process & Systems
  • Throughput Analysis


As devout early adopters, we monitor, sample, test, critique, and in many cases develop new technologies designed to meet today’s restaurants’ needs.

Technology is perhaps the most disruptive dynamic of food and beverage today, affecting everything from consumer engagement to operational excellence.

  • Digital Optimization
  • BOH & FOH Integrations
  • Online/Mobile Ordering Solutions
  • Delivery Systems